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As a highly qualified R&D institution with extensive experience the Institute of the Estonian Language acts to contribute to the survival and advancement of the Estonian language through the ages.

Vision for 2013

The Institute of the Estonian Language is the most outstanding international centre of research for studying, cultivating and upholding Estonian and its cognate languages.

The Institute is a reliable partner, whose R&D activities are renowned in Estonia and the world over.


Openness. The Institute is open to social developments. The Institute disseminates its results considering it its duty to publish in high-level scientific publications as well as in a popular form, both in Estonian and in foreign languages. The Institute stands for the freedom of scientific thought, denouncing censorship of scientific oeuvre and monopolization of any segment of research.

Consistency. The Institute stands up for Estonian being valued as the main factor of coherence for the Estonian community.

Knowledge-based approach. The Institute plans its activities and its cooperation with other units on the basis on scientific analysis.

Innovation. The Institute sets high value on the generation of new knowledge and its application for social good.